Would you like to drive traffic to your website for free? Whether you have an e-commerce site or a blog, it is possible to increase its traffic without spending anything, although it can take time. Discover below 10 methods that allow you to generate traffic to your website for free.

1- Publish articles regularly on its site
Google likes consistency and the more articles you post on your site, the better it will rank you. The ideal is to have a blog with a rate of publication of articles of at least once a week. Articles published on your blog must follow SEO rules so that Google can index them properly and bring visitors to you.

Note : A 2000 word long article will have more SEO impact than 4 short 500 word articles.

2- Write guest articles for other sites
You can also write articles, but which will be intended for other blogs or websites. These are guest articles that you will write for another site and whose content corresponds to the audience of that site. At the end of the article, you will be able to sign your name with your function as well as the URL address of your site. This allows visitors to the website where the article is posted to easily find your site.

In addition to other blogs with a similar or similar niche to yours, you can also publish articles on platforms like Medium.

Guest articles must attract an audience to the hosting site, but also encourage visitors to visit your website.

3- do link building
The principle of link building is collaboration with other websites, so that they place a link to your website in theirs. This is a well-known strategy to improve your SEO , but it is effective provided that the site where the link is placed is of quality. So, take the time to analyze the site where you want to place the link.

Google takes into account the fact that if the site with the link is of quality, your site is therefore trusted and will be well referenced. If the original site is of poor quality, your site may also be penalized.

4- Make your site responsive
If not yet, you need to make your website responsive design or compatible for reading on mobile devices. In fact, in 2017, more than 50% of French people carried out their research on their phone ( source ). In addition, in recent years, Google has tended to penalize websites that are not compatible with mobile devices such as phones, tablets, etc.

So, in order not to overlook this potential traffic for your website and stay listed, make sure you have a compatible site for reading on smartphones.

5- Create an e-mail list
Create an option to subscribe to your email list on your website. The goal is to let people on your email list know about new articles and products on your website. With a beautiful presentation and regular sending, your email list could convert and your website traffic should increase.

Your readers are already receiving a lot of emails from different websites. To make sure you get read, you need to make your email look good and make you want to read it.

6- Be active on social networks
The importance of social networks in generating traffic is evident today. For example, the social network Facebook has 35 million active users in France. ( source )

Be present on a regular basis on social networks adapted to your market to publish and share your new articles or new photos. The ideal number of posts differs from network to network. For Facebook, once a day is enough, while on Twitter, you need to post at least two to three times a day to build engagement.

7- Join discussion groups on Facebook and LinkedIn
If you are in BtoC, join discussion groups specializing in your niche on Facebook. If you are in BtoB, LinkedIn is the most suitable platform. Indeed, these discussion groups bring together people who are mainly interested in a subject and are therefore open to sharing advice and trusted sites.

Note : You must instill confidence beforehand, and for this you must be active in these groups and participate regularly.

8- Participate in forums
There are currently many sites in the form of forums where one can discuss several topics. Participate in forums related to your niche by giving relevant advice on topics that you master and related to your website. Likewise, if allowed, feel free to share an article on your website that can answer a question asked.

9- Work with influencers
To publicize your website and your activities, an influencer can be a quick solution. Choose the person based on their audience and the quality of that audience. In exchange for gifts you give them, the influencer can bring you a lot of traffic.

Tip : Choose micro-inflencers who are more accessible and whose traffic is of better quality.

10- Make videos
Today, photo and video formats are attracting more and more Internet users. To attract traffic to your website, consider making videos that you can host for free on sites like YouTube.

Your videos must be well produced and provide content that interests the audience. Depending on your audience, consider limiting the length of the video as well as the style of the content: informative, humorous, etc.

In addition, the Google search engine references Youtube videos in its search results.

Don’t forget to add your website link and make a call to action in the video.

To conclude on the free generation of traffic to your site
Remember to regularly analyze the effectiveness of each action taken to bring traffic to your website for free.

Finally, for your specific needs in your web project, do not hesitate to contact me .

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