1. Provide new content regularly

Content marketing is an indispensable strategy for any marketer who would like to get more visitors to their website. After all, if you want people to visit your website, you need to have something interesting to offer. Updating your website regularly with new and valuable content is therefore a must.

You can do this by writing blog posts , reviews, e-books ,…. Do not limit yourself to content that is about your product or service, but respond to the interests of your target audience and write about a wide spectrum of topics . That way you will get a greater range. Moreover, you also stimulate people’s interest and curiosity, so that visitors will return more quickly.

The more content you have, the more chances you have to include keywords that people search for. This way you will score higher in Google and people will find you faster. So check which search terms people use and process this in your texts. With these tips you can already write a blog post that scores high in Google .

But beware: never just copy content from other web pages. Google penalizes duplicate content – texts that appear on more than one web page. So always try to write your own texts and provide unique content for each page.

There are times when we write less new articles, then we almost immediately see a decreasing trend in the number of visitors to our website. And the longer no new content appears, the less visitors we get.

  1. Optimize your existing content

When you offer a lot of content on your website, older content is sometimes in danger of being forgotten. However, it can be very useful to revisit and optimize your existing content from time to time.

For example, have all your meta descriptions been completed? Are your internal links still correct? Can you add new relevant links? Are you still using the right keywords?

Find out what can be improved and remove old content that is no longer relevant, so that you continue to offer the best user experience.

Updating older articles will definitely give your organic traffic a huge boost.

  1. Write attractive titles

Just as the subject of an email often determines whether people will open it or not, the title of a blog post or article also determines whether people will eventually read it. Figures show that about 80% of your visitors will read the title, while only 20% will actually read your article. That is because online visitors often have little time and mainly scan.

A strong title that catches the eye and arouses the interest of visitors can therefore increase that percentage sharply. So pay enough attention to your title writing as it is actually some sort of ad that should convince your reader to read on .

We will help you on your way by giving you 7 tips to write a strong title .

4. Advertise

Of course it is very interesting when visitors arrive on your website organically, via search engines, but you can also give your visitor numbers a boost by paying. Online advertising should therefore not be missing from your marketing strategy.

Online advertising can be done in various ways. For example, you can advertise via AdWords to appear at the top of Google or you can have your ad appear on other websites that are part of the display network. But you can also advertise on social media. This way you not only attract more visitors, but you also put your company in the spotlight.

For example, we regularly promote an article on Facebook:

Each channel has its own capabilities with its own advantages and disadvantages, so weigh this up and see which medium best suits your goals.

  1. Get active on social media

It is not enough to write quality content, put it online and then wait for visitors to come across it by chance. On the contrary, you have to be proactive. And you can do that by posting your content on social media . Do not just post a link, but work original and ensure variation in your posts.

Active participation in the community is also a must. Reply to messages, participate in discussions, in short: interact with your followers.

In addition, it is best to consider which channels can be a suitable platform for your company.

Today Facebook has by far the largest reach, but it is not the best channel for every company. Do you sell B2B? Then LinkedIn can be very interesting. If you sell something creative, you can focus on Instagram and  Pinterest .

Every company must consider which social media mix can be interesting, as that is different for every organization.

  1. Attract referral traffic

Referral traffic are website visitors who end up on your website via a link on another website. Incoming Links can increase your traffic enormously and will also make you rank better in Google.

One of the ways to get a link on another website is to become a guest blogger for a website that has roughly the same audience as you. That way, not only will you gain access to new audiences with similar interests, your traffic will increase and you will gain brand awareness.

But it also works the other way around: let guest bloggers write interesting content on your website. Those guest bloggers are often inclined to share and link to their article afterwards, which can bring new readers to your site. But make sure that you only post quality and original content. If your guest blog contains too many spammy links, Google will penalize it.

But also classic link building remains worthwhile, and that is as simple as: “Hello, we wrote article x, that might be a nice addition to your page x, maybe we can link to each other?”

  1. Link internally

But in addition, the strength of your website does not only depend on the number of websites that link to you, your internal link structure can also have a major influence. When creating and publishing content, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to link internally. This not only improves your SEO, but also gives visitors a more relevant browsing experience. And that in turn will increase your traffic.

You may have already noticed, but we also link to other relevant content several times throughout this article.

  1. Post content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is best known as a social networking site for professionals that can help you find a job. However, it is also a good platform to share and promote your content.

LinkedIn should therefore not be missing from your content planning. Not only can it increase your traffic, it can also boost your profile within your industry – especially if you have many followers on the network.

And if you don’t generate that much traffic via LinkedIn, one tip: 1 visitor could be the right one. One visitor may be looking for your product or service and that thought alone makes LinkedIn worthwhile.

  1. Pay attention to your email marketing

Nowadays, many people abandon email marketing because they themselves are annoyed by the flow of emails that arrive in their mailbox every day. However, when used correctly, it can be a very powerful tool to attract more visitors.

Not sending out a newsletter is therefore a missed opportunity, because you can easily expand your customer base by collecting a list of e-mail addresses. Let people subscribe to the newsletter via your website. A simple button with ‘register for the newsletter’ is not enough in that case, but sum up what people can expect when they register. That way you give people a reason to receive your emails.

In addition, it is very important that you do not overwhelm people with meaningless and promotional emails. Remember: quality over quantity. Be original and make sure your emails offer added value, otherwise people won’t open them. Also make sure that your newsletter contains enough links to your website so that people can easily click through.

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly

Smartphones and tablets are more popular than ever and people surf less and less via their laptop or desktop computer. Make sure that your website is adapted accordingly. The best way to do that is to make your website responsive so that it automatically adapts to different devices. And Google will also be happy with this, as the search engine has strict guidelines around this and will penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly. A website that is adapted to mobile therefore not only provides a better user experience, but will also score better in Google and thus attract more visitors.

  1. Pay attention to the speed of your website

Do you also find it so frustrating when a page loads slowly? You’re not the only one. A lot of visitors quickly drop out when a website is too slow.

Make sure that your web pages are optimized and regularly check the speed of your website . The faster it loads, the better. And search engines agree, because they reward fast websites with a higher place in the ranking.

A website that loads quickly will not only provide a better user experience, but will also generate more organic traffic.

To speed up your website, you can use a number of tools. For example, we used Google Pagespeed Insights to speed up.

  1. Research data in Google Analytics

Make use of the data available. Google Analytics, for example, is a goldmine of data about many different aspects of your website.

For example, you will gain insight into the number of unique visitors, the demographics of your visitors, the time they spend on your website, the most popular pages, the source from which they come and so on.

Not using these statistics would be a missed opportunity. After all, you can use the information well to optimize both your strategies and your website.

  1. Make use of video in your content strategy

Of course you don’t go wrong with textual content, but video content can also make a valuable contribution to attracting new visitors. People tend to remember visual or auditory content more quickly, making video marketing a great way to grab and hold your audience’s attention. This boosts the traffic on your website.

Discover our video content on Facebook or on Youtube .

  1. Do a competitive analysis

If you don’t look at how your competitors are doing, you are missing a valuable source of data. You can learn a lot from the way your competitors attract visitors . For example, see which topics are popular with their readers and what their performance is on social media. That way, you can discover what people read and talk about and then incorporate those topics into your strategy.


As much as we would like it, visitors will not just find their way to your website. But when you apply the above tips, you will definitely see an increase in your website traffic.

Provide sufficient content, advertise online, use social media, become a guest blogger, … do not limit yourself to one medium or one tactic, but use as many possibilities as possible.

And whether you apply all of the tips or use just a few, each of these tactics individually can help you attract more visitors.

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